Small Grey Outline Pointer lawyer up, asshole.


two weeks as performed by grizzly bear


About Marilyn :

" On the surface, she was still a happy girl. But those who criticized her never saw her as I did, crying like a baby because she often felt herself so inadequate. ” -Bill Travilla

“I haven’t experienced being in the spotlight as much as some young actors, but I think what keeps me grounded are my parents, my brothers, my friends and the producers on Thrones.”


kicking it with kennedy’s » a mix for the men and women who wear armor in the form of finely tailored suits, deploy weaponry in the form of meticulously arranged words, and hold the nation’s future in the palm of their hands.

i. the kennedy’s - chancellor warhold | ii. super rich kids - frank ocean | iii. be good (rac remix) - tokyo police club | iv. diplomat’s son - vampire weekend | v. the love club - lorde | vi. work - iggy azalea | vii. fashion killa - asap rocky | viii. still sane - lorde | ix. honest - the neighbourhood

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Happy Easter xo


erwin fashion week

You’re my friend.

You’re my mission.

Then finish it. Cause I’m with you till the end of the line.


white girls be like “opening my third eye chakra Om namaste” 

"So in my mind I thought this was gonna be like, my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment. And like, confetti was gonna come out and everyone’s like, going to scream and sort of like, 'We're gonna sell things!'. So I really went for it and there was just… silence. Like, nothing really happened.